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Black Tourmaline in Quartz Bracelet

Black Tourmaline in Quartz Bracelet

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Black tourmaline is a crystal that is made of Sodium Iron Aluminum Borate Silicate. It is known as the stone of grounding and energy protection.


It is associated with the following benefits:

-Protects you from negative or toxic energy

-Helps ground you when you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed or frazzled

-A good pal to have when you’re feeling stressed

-Helps release and absolve negative feelings

-Protects against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF)

-A great stone for those who are prone to over-thinking and rumination


 Zodiac sign associations (any sign can use this crystal, these are just the known astrological associations):





*Disclaimer: All information here regarding crystal benefits are for entertainment  purposes only. This information is not intended to replace medical or clinical advice. Please be aware that none of the crystals or minerals described on this site are intended to be used to diagnose or treat any physical, mental or emotional disorders or diseases. Always consult your physician before using any crystal healing approach.

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