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Blue Lace Agate Crystal Bracelet

Blue Lace Agate Crystal Bracelet

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Blue lace agate is a gemstone that is a variety of microcrystalline quartz and banded chalcedony. It is known as the stone of peace and tranquility. 


It is associated with the following benefits:

-Calms the emotions and assists with keeping a “cool head” during times of heightened/intense emotions

-Eases stress and promotes inner peace

-Brings in more balance and stability

-Fosters a more graceful, delicate, gentle energy and approach to daily life

-Increases feelings of compassion, nurturing, and mothering 

-Brings more peace of mind

-Associated with the throat chakra and assists with more peaceful and harmonious communication with others 

-Helps with speaking one’s truth and advocating for your emotional needs


 Zodiac sign associations (any sign can use this crystal, these are just the known astrological associations):




*Note: Please measure your wrist prior to ordering (see guide below for help).

The simplest way to measure your size is to use a small measuring tape and measure the circumference around your wrist under your wrist bone (be sure to give it little slack/don’t measure too tightly). 

All bracelets are made to order. We do not accept resizing requests. All sales are final. 

*Size Guide: 

-Extra-small: 5-6 in. (*Note: This size is really small and snug on the average sized wrist. It’s a loose fit on a young child’s wrist.)

-Small: 6-7 in.

-Medium: 7-8 in.

-Large: 8-9 in.


*Please email if you'd like to order a bracelet size not listed here. We'd be happy to make you a custom-sized bracelet.


*Disclaimer: All information here regarding crystal benefits are for entertainment  purposes only. This information is not intended to replace medical or clinical advice. Please be aware that none of the crystals or minerals described on this site are intended to be used to diagnose or treat any physical, mental or emotional disorders or diseases. Always consult your physician before using any crystal healing approach.

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