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Mangano Calcite Star

Mangano Calcite Star

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Mangano calcite (also known as pink calcite) is a mineral that is made of calcium carbonate. There are many different shades of calcite (green, mangano (pink), blue, orange, etc.). It is known as the stone of universal love.

It is associated with the following benefits:

-Thought to help release emotional hurt

-Promotes peace and tranquility

-Encourages a calm state of mind

-Promotes self-love and love towards others

-A good companion for stressful times or when you feel tense

Zodiac sign associations (any sign can use this crystal, these are just the known astrological associations):


Where to showcase or display your crystal:

-In your sacred space/on your meditation mat

-In the bedroom

-Wherever you spend the most time with those you love most

-Next to the box of tissues and pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream when you’re feeling blue

*Disclaimer: All information here regarding crystal benefits are for entertainment purposes only. This information is not intended to replace medical or clinical advice. Please be aware that none of the crystals or minerals described on this site are intended to be used to diagnose or treat any physical, mental or emotional disorders or diseases. Always consult your physician before using any crystal healing approach.

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